Homemade Cupcake Liners

A few weeks ago after I had made the batter for the Oreo Cupcakes, I discovered that I was not going to have enough cupcake liners.
When one is making cupcakes, that is NOT a good time to discover that you’re short on a necessary baking equipment, and I was in no mood to make a “quick run” to the store.
And I know I have neighbors who would gladly give me the shirt off their back or their cupcake liners in exchange for a cupcake, but I wanted to be resourceful and see what I could do.

So, I Googled to see if there was a way to make my own.
Of course, somebody’s done it and it can be found here on eHow Food.

Here’s my tutorial.

Homemade Cupcake Liners  – I made 6

Things Needed
large piece of clean, white parchment paper (free of dyes or chemicals)
1 cup with a rim at least 4-inches wide
1/4 cup measurer
a small glass or jar that will fit snugly (isn’t there two g’s in that word? Spell check doesn’t seem to think so.) into the 1/4 cup measurer

Take the piece of parchment and place it on the counter or a flat surface.
Position the mouth of the cup onto the parchment and using the pen, trace around it creating a circle.
Make 6 separate circles or more if needed.
Cut the circles out of the parchment.
Place them together in one stack and center them over the 1/4 measuring cup.
Put the item that will be fitting snugly into the cup on top of the circles.  Press everything down forcing the circles and jar into the measuring cup.  You may need to add or remove some circles so that everything fits, but the more circles you have, the more pleats you will have and the more attractive the liners will be.
Allow the liners to sit while making the batter or for at least 1/2 hour.

Using the item in the picture above, cut out the circles.

Allow them to sit while you make the batter.  That should be plenty of time for the liners to form.


They don’t fit securely into the muffin tin now, but don’t worry they will once you fill them with batter.

TA DA!!!

And they worked like a charm, too!
This will be a fun project for you to do with the kids!  
They’ll be very proud that they made the WHOLE cupcake!
I give you BIG baking hugs and muffins!!


  1. says

    to be honest, i am reading your blog for a veeeeery long time now, without commenting. and I feel a little odd, doing it now finally, for something, that´s not baked or cooked… 😉
    This is really a very good Idea!!! Thanks for showing.
    I was always wondering how everyone, who shows cupcakes in these paper things keeps them down in the muffin tray. mystery solved. great!
    And fially: i really like your blog a lot! Thanks for not stopping after day 365 (i was a little afraid….)
    xo from germany!

    • says

      thank you SO much for being such a loyal reader!! And thank you so very much for putting me on your blog roll! I am thrilled that you commented even if it is on something I didn’t bake or cook!! Now, go make those cupcakes! 😉
      Don’t worry, I won’t be stopping, I am quite addicted to this!
      Much love!!! xoxoxox

  2. says

    I know this is an older post, but just had to tell you that you saved my life today! Well, you made my life MUCH easier with this! It is half an hour TO the store (and half an hour home, of course) and two days before Christmas so at least half an hour in the store and for a pack of cupcake papers?
    I appreciate this!
    Thank you!!!!!

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